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Providing You Options to Attend Depositions In-person or Remote



We understand you may have questions about attending depositions in-person during COVID and we can help you tailor your deposition experience to your comfort level.

Our court reporters, videographers, and team members have been educated on Huseby's in-person deposition guidelines.






If you are not ready to return to in-person depositions, you can continue to use alternative ways to remotely attend depositions and access case files effectively.

Discover the #1 platform to conduct a deposition from the comfort of your home or office, providing you a first-class virtual deposition experience and live support from Huseby techs.


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By getting your deposition on calendar now, our Schedulers and Case Managers can work closely with you to adjust or change your attendance options as needed.

As you approach the deposition date, if the event cannot go forward, no problem, up to 24 hours (business day) prior to the event you can reschedule or cancel with no penalty.



You can continue to count on us to do our best to serve you with the highest levels of service and support for all of your court reporting needs, whether you choose to continue remotely or move back to in-person across the country.

Cortaro Court Reporters

Cortaro, Arizona Depositions

Discovery Litigation will cover your Cortaro deposition. Our professionals are experienced in cases of all sizes. Our reporters that cover Cortaro are highly skilled in their craft, and they are ready to meet your specific case needs.

Our skilled team makes sure we supply the correct court reporter in Cortaro for your case. Whether you need videographer services, interpreter services, or something even more unique, we have the personnel and service culture to make your deposition as seamless as possible. We understand the need to use the highest quality reporter for you. We have the experience to deliver.

Discovery Litigation Services knows you have options with your litigation services. We are here to provide superior service, all the time, every time.

In Cortaro, we will need to find a location to host your deposition. Not only can we staff your deposition with a skilled court reporter, videographer and interpreter, Discovery Litigation Services will go above and beyond to fulfill your needs. We understand the importance of getting it done right. In our business, there is no margin for error.

Call Discovery at (855) 847-0999. See for yourself why so many call us their reporting company.

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