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Realtime court reporting fosters a highly productive environment within depositions and courtrooms. Having an instant transcript of the proceedings allows all participants to be more thorough in their questioning, an effective means of tracking.(...)

Realtime court reporting creates an instant transcript that allows you to synchronize litigation among an unlimited number of participants, gives remote counsel the ability to immediately impeach testimony via realtime internet streaming all while.(...)

The current fight between court reporters and robots is matter of voice recognition software versus the human brain. It is a “no-brainer” that the obvious winner in this battle is the highly sophisticated human brain which sport more.(...)

You don’t have to be [healthily] paranoid about privacy and data breaches nor a binge-watching fan of the show Mr. Robot to understand the importance of actively defending your law firm from cyber attacks. The movies and old-guard.(...)

1. You Have To Ask Witnesses To Speak Up Or Slow Down .(...)

Whether you’re a paralegal, attorney, or a court reporter, you’re probably responsible for troves of data that can be dangerous in the wrong hands - be it personal email and banking, court documents, transcripts and highly.(...)

Court reporters are in high demand with the top 10 percent earning wages over $90,000 per year. Pursuing training in stenography.(...)

With news of a slowdown in new court reporters joining the workforce and a surplus of court reporter/closed captioning jobs increasing each year it’s easy to get swept up in the fervor of demand outstripping supply thus forcing.(...)

Yes, Court Reporters absolutely still exist. One of the oldest professions is still alive. However, with recent claims of artificial intelligence and various voice to text technologies taking root in the courtroom.(...)

The court room is becoming increasingly driven by visuals. Multimedia presentations are a powerful tool during trial. Utilizing videotaped deposition footage can be prefered over traditional transcripts as video testimony enables the.(...)

"Two is one and one is none" is a common expression among navy seals. You might have heard of this in terms of camping, backpacking, or survival. This is meant to emphasize the need to have a backup for anything critical in.(...)

There are too many jobs for qualified court reporters! In 2018 there will be an estimated surplus of 5,500 jobs for stenographers as reported by The National Association of Court.(...)

According to a recent study only 2% of individuals can actually, truly multitask without a negative toll on their overall.(...)

You will quickly realize that these tips and strategies are not specific to Paralegals, Lawyers, or the legal community. Productivity, efficiency, and tactics for a successful day are not specific to a job title. They are human.(...)

If you’re sending emails, making phone calls, reviewing discovery and checking up on cases, depositions, partners or employees while sitting on an island paradise then you aren’t really on vacation. You’re just working.(...)

By now if you are not utilizing a court reporting firm to handle more than just court reporting, then you’re missing out on a world of opportunity to free yourself from those nitty-gritty, time-consuming tasks that seem to.(...)

We can easily stream any television show or movie, order a personal driver in minutes, and instantly download incredibly useful and time-saving tools to our smartphones. We are well into the 21st century after all. We have unprecedented.(...)

Here at Discovery Litigation Services we recently explored a lucrative home-based career for the skilled court reporter. Being able to make your.(...)

An obvious skill for a court recorder to possess is to be able to type really, really fast. Saying that one of the challenges of being a court recorder is fast typing is like saying one of the challenges of being a race car driver is not.(...)

With the advent of new automated recording technologies, revelations of government budget cuts, and news of states eliminating court reporters from the courtroom it is easy to jump to the conclusion that this is an industry at risk..(...)

In an era of fast adapting technology such as voice-to-text translation and even a basic audio recording setup officials are starting to ask the question, “Why do we still need court reporters in the courtroom?” With artificial.(...)

Do You Have What It Takes To Perform Like The Best Court Reporters? From the most recent notorious Bill Cosby trial to stoicism and cheetah-like reflexes, we have highlighted just eight of the traits that high-performing court reporters share..(...)

There is no such thing as a dumb question. That is a quote we all grew up with to encourage young minds to think, question, and expand. Then there is the counteracting go-to quote used by adults to stymie freethinking; “You know.(...)


If you’re a paralegal you have a lot on your plate with the responsibility of scheduling appointments, liaising with clients, greeting visitors to the office and acting as a guide or a buffer to any salespeople or reporters that show up..(...)

Most of the problems we have in life are centered around two big factors; time and money; “I do not have time...” and/or “I do not have money for XYZ.” The litigation process can easily suck up both of these, exhausting two.(...)

By the end of this article, I will have guided you through a vast, comprehensive resource of litigation services available. If you are searching for solutions ranging from an on demand one-stop-shop to handle all of your litigation needs to.(...)

When making big decisions such as whether or not to get the kids a dog or which Court Reporter Firms should I hire? I pull out my trusty legal pad, score a line down the middle with my needle-sharp Dixon Ticonderoga No. 2 pencil and quickly scrawl.(...)

Welcome to the fast and furious hands of a Court Reporter. Not sure what I’m talking about? Remember the O.J. Simpson trial that seized control of every television network for nine months in the nineties? Janet Moxham had the.(...)

You’re a lawyer. You probably didn’t realize you should have studied event coordinating as well. Trying to get everyone in the same place at the right time can be a feat in and of itself. Finding the right team of people to.(...)

It is way too easy to treat court reporting in depositions like an afterthought. For an aspect of the legal process that is as important as producing litigation transcripts and providing the official record, it is way too easy to forget.(...)

Drones, self-driving cars, Watson the Jeopardy-playing computer, and the digitization of everyday life. Does this mean what I think it means? We are finally in the future! Technology is awesome in the true sense of the word and.(...)

Discovery Litigation Services is one of the most reputable and established litigation services providers in the United States. We understand the importance of every court case and provide the best services that make our clients’ position.(...)

Atlanta, June 25, 2012: Alexander Gallo and DLS introduce the Enhanced Mobile Transcript "EMT" and Condensed Exhibits. .(...)

March 8, 2012 – Equal justice under the law has been a cornerstone of this country and our legal system. Unfortunately, the cost of legal representation and legal support services has gone beyond the reach of many individuals and families..(...)

Orlando, Florida: February 22, 2012 - Discovery Litigation Services, LLC (DLS) is pleased to announce the opening of its new Orlando, Florida office.  .(...)

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