Trial Presentation Services

Trial Presentation Services


Discovery understands that its sole reason for being is providing services in a proceeding that is headed to some form of resolution, whether by settlement, mediation, arbitration, or a trial. It is why all deliverables by Discovery are provided in a trial-ready format, saving our clients valuable time and money when a settlement cannot be reached.

In cases where there is no settlement and our clients need assistance in gathering all of their evidence into an organized format for presentation, our Trial Consultants have the experience and knowledge to work with our clients in gathering the evidence together and going into the courtroom to manage a multi-media presentation.

By combining leading trial presentation software with the experience of our trial consultants, we allow you to focus on the facts of your case. We are the experts in developing seamless presentations for maximum effect. Our trial consultants can help review, plan, and coordinate your presentations in order to help achieve the results you desire.


  • Assist in pre trial including strategy, exhibit data base setup/creation, creation of video clips and loading all data into a ready to go solution.
  • Assist in the court room, mediation or arbitration as an active member of your team.
  • Available whenever and wherever required.


The Discovery Trial Presentation team is lead by Rose Ann Annesi. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, she has over 20 years of experience in working with clients to develop and deliver the exceptional service one would expect from Discovery. 

Each team member is highly experienced and is there to assist your team and client in delivering the right result whatever the venue.

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