Technology Offerings


DLS offers seamless streaming of text, audio and video.  Private Messaging with those who are also connected and document sharing is also available.


  • Synchronized Video to Text – Every videotaped deposition that DLS covers is synchronized to the text at no additional charge to its clients.
  • Digital Video Transcript – Every videotaped deposition is delivered in a viewer that allows the viewer to review testimony or search by keyword and playback the video from that precise point.  This powerful tool also allows the viewer to create and export video clips containing both the video and text.  These clips or the video deposition in its entirety can be loaded into the most popular trial presentation software programs such as Trial Director, Sanction and even PowerPoint.
  • Streaming Video – DLS provides its clients with a streaming platform that allows for a high definition streaming feed anywhere in the world.  No software is needed.  Simply click a secure, private link that is provided and the viewers can watch direct on your PC, Apple device or Smart Phone.
  • Picture in Picture – DLS provides its clients with cutting edge technology that allows for a picture in picture capture of the deponent as well as hard copy documents, videos and other images loaded on a computer, computer programs or video feeds such as animations.  This creates then a high definition quality video capture of the deponent and exactly what the deponent is looking at simultaneously, providing a greater tool for later playback.
  • Site Inspections – DLS videographers are qualified and experienced in many forms of videography.  Our DLS videography team will work with you before your site inspection to ensure the best outcome.
  • Legal Marketing Brochures (Add this as a bullet and then add the paragraph on the Videography Page)  – Our team is highly skilled in both the capture and post production needs to ensure a very high quality marketing video that can be hosted online on your website or shared through many other mediums.


By request, DLS has the ability to provide a realtime feed of the testimony to those who are present in the deposition suite as well as those that are offsite.  This technology allows the realtime participant to the following:

  • The ability to review questions and answers as they will appear in the transcript, ensuring the testimony you are hearing reads the same
  • The ability to leave your deposition with a rough draft of the transcript loaded on your computer
  • The ability to review questions and answers and fine tune follow-up questions
  • The ability to mark and annotate testimony for review at a later point

Mobile Office

DLS offers an online mobile office platform that allows you online access to your calendar as well as transcripts, exhibits, errata sheets, as well as invoicing. 

Electronic Exhibits

DLS provides the technology platform that allows its clients to conduct depositions using electronic exhibits.  Save shipping costs, copying costs and the general hassle of transporting exhibits in hard copy format. 

  • Parties present at a deposition have the ability to receive exhibits when introduced to the deponent
  • Parties have the ability to leave a deposition suite with their own electronic set of all introduced exhibits
  • Exhibits can be imported directly from your own database


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