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Discovery Litigation Services offers a one-stop-shop for your litigation needs. We stop at nothing to bring you the most feature-rich solutions to eliminate virtually every obstacle, headache, or pain point you can encounter.

Founded on the back of 20+ years of industry experience, Discovery is able to operate with an expertise that transcends most; a standard and level of commitment unrivalled by our industry peers. Your choice of Fresno court reporter does not have to be limited by geography. Utilizing advanced streaming technology, we will beam to you the perfect stenographer for the job. Our service doesn’t end at court reporting nor with our arsenal of litigation services. We can help you reach a resolution through a variety of means.

Our Fresno court reporters are equipped with the necessary technologies to offer video streaming enabled, Real Time Reporting providing you the power to to oversee depositions from anywhere you have an internet connection. You are at the controls making it easy to stay in budget. Complete transparency on all invoicing ensures you will never pay for extraneous products and services.

Realtime Ready Court Reporting empowers you through immediacy and accuracy. With a direct feed from your real-time enabled Fresno court reporter, you get an on the fly translation from shorthand into easy to read English.

Realtime Court Reporting Empowers Your Team

Realtime court reporting gives everyone on your legal team access to the same written testimony as it is spoken. Having everyone on the same page - so to speak - gives all participants the power to make notations, highlight passages, and flag portions of testimony for further examination on their own devices, and coordinate with one another giving the entire legal team control over the case.

Even better, the ability to stream the realtime transcript anywhere in the world via a direct internet hookup allows remote attorneys to impeach live testimony, communicate with local attorneys, and participate effectively in the proceeding and potentially eliminate the need for a second deposition.

Realtime court reporting allows you to effectively streamline communication and efficiency for any legal proceeding from depositions, courtrooms, and even corporate meetings. With Discovery Litigation Services’ realtime ready court reporters you can enjoy the time and money saving benefits while ensuring a high level of productivity. We all have the same amount of time in a day, but with the implementation of the right tools, you can maximize that time to get more done. Learn more about Discovery Litigation Services here.

With Discovery, You Won’t Get Lost In The Shuffle

The size of a company is no excuse for being treated like a faceless robot dispensing cash in exchange for products or services. We have come to this point for a solution to very wide-ranging and specific needs.

It is important that your  litigation services agency - whether you’re hiring a court reporter or legal videography services - be as cordial and interested in what makes your needs unique over the rest to better provide tailored solutions as the mom-and-pop seamstress shop down the street.

Our Services Transcend Court Reporting To Make Your Life Easy

Videography and HD Video Streaming

Having a written record of your deposition is just one aspect of ensuring accuracy. Having a clickable transcription synced to actual video of the deposition is a power-tool in your box of simple machines.

First, the legal videographers at Discovery Litigation Services are well versed in a variety of depositions and skilled in video recording to ensure the highest quality playback. When it comes to videography, make sure you're getting all of the features you require.

Discovery not only records what happens in that room, they make it interactive, quickly skimmable, and provide A solution for HD streaming to any third parties that need a digital link to watch from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Want Power and Control Over Your Deposition Video?

Text to video synchronization makes the video skimming process easy and straightforward. Attorneys can find the right pieces of a deposition without extensive experience with computers, video, and multimedia software. You don’t have to be a technology wizard to assemble the clips you need to make your case.

Online Case Management

Without having to bend spacetime, we can reach into the digital realm and pull out anything we’ve deposited there. This luxury is not even luxurious anymore. It’s commonplace. It’s an expectation, and rightfully so.

In applying this principle to your deposition materials, Discovery Litigation Services effectively creates a wormhole through which you can pull out anything you need. From simply managing invoices and statements to peering through a window into the room of a deposition in progress, it’s all accessible from anywhere you find an internet connection.

The cloud based repository gives you twenty-four-hour access to all deposition documents and video. Having everything secured in the cloud empowers you to quickly share a clip without having to worry about file format and computer operating systems “playing nice” with one another.

The Discovery Litigation Services platform makes everything viewable straight from an internet browser.

Let’s Get Started.

Discovery Litigation Services knows you have options with your litigation services. We are here to provide superior service, all the time, every time.
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