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Real-time Ready Santa Monica Court Reporting

Realtime Ready Court Reporting provides a direct translation from the Santa Monica Court Reporter’s shorthand typed directly into the stenograph into an easily accessible, readable language such as English, and transmitted to a screen for viewing in real time.

Our Realtime Ready Santa Monica Court Reporters are held to a higher level of standard knowing that their words will be immediately transmitted on the spot. This means an increase attention to detail, an extremely high level of accuracy.

The time saving benefits of realtime court reporting are passed on to you. You won’t wait weeks for your final transcript to be produced from the original shorthand. You get the live feed delivered straight to your computer ready for notations and prepping for the next day.

Transcripts Are Made Instantaneously

During the proceeding every spoken word appears immediately on your laptop computer screen ready to be utilized. All parties that need to be involved: judge, counsel, the client, law clerks, legal assistants, experts, etcetera can have an up-to-the-minute feed during the deposition or court proceeding regardless of their location.

Changes made to the transcript happen in real time and updated to your laptop. The best part is each volume of the edited, proofread, certified transcript - including preloaded or embedded exhibits - is ready by the end of the day!

How Discovery Litigation Services Is Going Beyond With EMT

We believe the EMT is a revolution in how clients will come to use the Transcript. The EMT contains not just the traditional condensed transcript and word index but also condensed exhibits and personalized tabs in a separately bound portable transcript.

It allows for easy portability and storage of your deposition documents. Full value at the fraction of the size, provided by Discovery Litigation Services at no additional charge!

Safeguard Your Time And Money

Experience with catering to clients, transparency in billing, and forthright communication as to what I am paying for shouldn’t be considered going “above and beyond”. That should just be how business is done. That’s how it is done here at Discovery Litigation Services.

If you are not utilizing a court reporting firm to handle more than just court reporting, then you’re missing out on a world of opportunity to free yourself from those nitty-gritty, time-consuming tasks that seem to monopolize your entire day.

This day and age court reporting firms such as Discovery Litigation Services have evolved beyond the stenotype to offer full-service legal resources that can handle any deposition needs. It’s not cheating to delegate and leverage the digital age to get work done. With the advent of smart technologies, it is easy to quickly hire certified Santa Monica Court Reporters, legal videographers, and more!

As the world shrinks with advances in networking speeds and communications technologies, the Paralegal will be expected to take on more and more while staff size dwindles and is replaced by digital solutions. Taking advantage of new advancements is not only smart, it is essential to stay ahead of the curve. If you’re still trapped in the mundane “old world” time thieving tasks, how will you cope with a doubling or tripling workload?

Stop Diminishing Your Most Precious Resources

Without time, you cannot do the work to the highest level of quality required. You cannot do the thorough research required of your case, and you cannot appropriately vet staff and those you hire to work for you.

Without time, you sacrifice your personal life to compensate and try to make up for an inefficient process which costs you moments with your wife, husband, kids, friends, recreation, and even the time necessary to focus on your health.

As your time diminishes, you take shortcuts professionally, dietarily, and cut out all of the joys that life has to offer until you are ultimately inefficiently taking care of business with poor results while everything around you and inside of you takes a massive hit.

An inefficient legal process will also bleed your budget dry. A lack of planning will force your hand in making decisions that have come down to the wire pushing you into less than agreeable arrangements and deals. You will settle for what’s available and quick versus what’s best for the case.

Want To Save A Lot Of Time?

Take advantage of our FREE video to text synchronization. The ease of navigating using a synchronized transcript shaves hours and days off of the clip seeking process. No longer do you have to highlight your way through the text and then search hours of videotape to find those key moments.

With video to text synchronization you win back your day. You don’t have time to relive the deposition minute by minute.

Video to text synchronization gives you the power to navigate a linear medium in a non-linear fashion. By combining the ease of skimming a document with the ability to click and go, you get exactly what you’re looking for in a fraction of the time.

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