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Deposition Services in Dallas

DISCOVERY LITIGATION SERVICES can cover your depositions anywhere in Texas and can provide conference rooms throughout the State. Discovery Litigation Services views every relationship with its clients as a partnership. We understand the time constraints and pressures that our clients are under. Our job is to relieve as much of the load as possible. The experience of having managed hundreds of thousands of depositions globally, lets us draw upon a depth of our expertise as we handle your requests in a courteous, prompt and professional manner. Taking into account the unique needs of every case and client, providing top-rated court reporters, videographers and interpreters is a standard for us. Having always been at the forefront of litigation technology, we deliver the latest cost-effective and compelling solutions. All exhibits are provided in an OCR text-searchable format and hyperlinked to the transcript. The standard product includes load files for litigation support packages such as Summation or LiveNote. Every file is uploaded to a repository, giving you 24/7 access to anything you need in one convenient place. All videotaped depositions are synchronized to the text at no additional cost. Discovery Litigation Services not only provides the standard repository, but we have unique platforms that allow litigation teams to work collaboratively across all of your case files. Ask us for more information.

Court Reporting

Discovery Litigation Services is founded by a court reporter and managed by seasoned professionals. We understand how important it is to provide highly-rated professionals for the needs of your depositions. Discovery court reporters understand the value of their role in the deposition process. Our experienced court reporters look forward to supporting you in Dallas and across the country. Our court reporters in Dallas, TX handle a huge number of depositions every year. Many years of deposition and trial experience combined with unmatched professionalism of Discovery Litigation Services court reporters assure you the support you need for your matter. Discovery Litigation Services court reporters in Dallas and throughout the country are the impartial guardians of the record. Our Dallas court reporters continuously achieve our main goal - conducting themselves with the utmost professionalism while at the deposition and producing a quality transcript in accordance with your deadlines.

Videography and Streaming Technology

Discovery Litigation Services legal videographers bring trial technologies into the deposition arena. Utilizing the latest technology, we deliver solutions that result in a more compelling video. You can highlight and annotate documents live in a deposition, play back videos or computer animations to the deponent. All this can simultaneously be captured in picture-in-picture mode showing both the deponent and the demonstrative evidence of your choice. This kind of video deliverable is more engaging to the viewer comparing to the traditional video framing. The picture-in-picture technology combined with our streaming capabilities lets you have viewers anywhere in the world. While monitoring the deposition, your viewers can see the demonstrative evidence shared with the deponent. If there is a need to stream the videotaped deposition anywhere in the world, we utilize several platforms to achieve this. We match the right platform to meet your needs and budget.

Discovery Corporate Services (DCS)

Discovery Litigation Services offers a unique approach to corporate services. We provide cost savings to our corporate client and the highest level of service to their counsel that is managing their case. Discovery Corporate Services provides online real-time reporting and deposition cost analytics. Clear invoicing is guaranteed through e-billing platforms. We make sure you don't pay for products you don't want or need. Discovery Litigation Services acts in close coordination with your law firms to meet each of their requirements. In our practice, we do not achieve cost savings by sacrificing quality. Discovery Litigation Services uses special tools that provide visibility into our service levels.


For your deposition needs, Discovery Litigation Services can provide professional Dallas legal interpreters. Our Dallas legal deposition interpreters are experienced in the courtroom and deposition settings. We provide a multitude of languages through our interpreters in Dallas and nationwide.

Trial Presentation Services

Discovery Litigation Services provides products in trial-ready format, saving our clients valuable time and money as they prepare for a presentation of the case. Discovery Litigation Services also provides support through courtroom consultants. Their experience and knowledge will be of great assistance when creating a compelling multimedia presentation.

The Discovery Litigation staff is always pleasant, professional and on the ball with scheduling even my last minute depositions, no matter whether they are in town or out of town. Discovery Litigation is my "go to" court reporting service.

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Courts in Dallas, Texas

Federal Courts

U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas
Earle Cabell Federal Building, 1100 Commerce Street, Room 1254
Dallas, TX 75242
tel: (214) 753-2000

U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas
Earle Cabell Federal Building,
1100 Commerce Street, Room 1452
Dallas, TX 75242
tel: (214) 753-2200

Dallas Immigration Court
Earle Cabell Federal Building,
1100 Commerce Street, 10th Floor
Dallas, TX 75242
tel: (214) 767-1814

Texas Courts

Supreme Court of Texas
Supreme Court Building
201 W. 14th Street, Room 104
Austin, TX 78701

Fifth Court of Appeals – Dallas
George L Allen Sr Courts Building
600 Commerce Street, Suite 200
Dallas, TX 75202


County Courts

Dallas County District Court
600 Commerce Street - #640
Dallas, TX 75202
(214) 653-7271

Municipal Courts

Dallas Municipal Court
2014 Main Street
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 670-0109

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